Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cleaner teeth, but with drool

A few weeks ago I got an electric toothbrush. I decided I wanted to get one last year, but I generally move slowly on acquistions. Well, I am very glad I got it. It is great! After I brush my teeth with it my mouth feels all fresh and clean just like when leaving the dentist’s office after a cleaning. (At least, that is what I recall it felt like…it has been about five years since I went to a dentist. I guess I’m probably overdue). The electric toothbrush times itself so I now always brush for two minutes at night. Way cool. Being the nostaligic I am I haven’t retired the old non-electric toothbrush. A few years ago a friend gave me a great tip about how they brushed their teeth and I followed his suggestion – I brush my teeth in the morning sans-electirc in the shower while I wash my hair. I know it sounds a bit weird. But it works for me. Anyway, I think the electric toothbrush is way cool, I just haven’t figured out how to stop droolling while I use it. It’s late. Time for bed, but first I need to go brush.


Anonymous said...

mmm, this may just be the Fathers Day present i am looking for!

Anonymous said...

mmm...this may just be the Father Day present i was looking for!