Sunday, April 27, 2008

Satellite Radio: Nostalgia vs. Time-Traveling

I currently have both Sirius and XM satellite radio. I have been listening to Sirius for years. I recently bought a new automobile and it came with XM. I always assumed they were basically the same. Well, I was mistaken. They both have some nice benefits. I enjoy listening to older music. While both Sirius and XM provide this music, they do so in different ways. It appears to me that Sirius plays more well-known music while XM plays a wider selection of music from a specific genre. So for example I like to listen to the 1950s channel. On Sirius they play the major hits by the well-known artists of the period whereas on XM they play a wide assort of music from the time period that is less well-known. Listening to XM makes me feel like I am listening to a radio broadcast from fifty years ago. Great music, but I only barely recognize the artists and they play few hits. Sirius on the other hand appears to play a smaller assortment of music, but I recognize the songs and the artists. It’s cool that for right now I have both Sirius and XM so I will continue to listen to the different versions of satellite radio depending on what I am in the mode for: time-traveling with XM or listening to old familiar favorites with Sirius.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Best Buy recently started carrying Electrolux appliances. That is way cool. Electrolux was founded almost a hundred years ago in Sweden. I am in the process of furnishing my new place and I am totally psyched at having Electrolux appliances as an option to purchase. I am looking for a modern look in my new place and I think Electrolux products are very fashionable. I especially like their stainless steel. It looks very clean and crisp. I think when I decide to redo the kitchen in my new place I will want to go with stainless steel.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Maintaining Connections Through Technology

Relationships are the most valuable asset in life. They are the currency of emotional well-being. Too often we neglect our personal relationships due to work, stress and the demands of modern life. However, to assist me in staying connected and maintaining important relationship bonds I maximize the plethora of technology tools that are available.